BMF School

Bible Ministries School of Establishing for Character Building

Founded by Bishop Shirley A. Ross, Bible Ministries School of Establishing for Character Building  began in 1999. Bishop Ross answered a call from the Lord who spoke, saying: “Train me some Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and people who are unsure of their calling, and others who are hurting in the Body of Christ and who have lost their focus.

The ministerial school is unique, not the normal bible school setting; it will cause Ministers to function in Ministry and cause them to deal with themselves and remain steadfast, unmovable in their faith without wavering and being overly sensitive. This assignment has created great excitement. Bishop Ross has imparted spiritual truths and discipline in the lives of her students; and has shown them strength and how to live holy. The main theme of the School is “God has not changed His mind concerning His standards for Holy Living.”

The School, which is a four-year program, started with thirty-five (35) students and has grown to forty-seven (47).

Bishop Ross has met many challenges from the enemy since obeying the Lord; but because she has been delivered from people, she has God’s enabling power to keep moving, and walking worthy of the vocation wherewith she has been called. She has continued to be all pleasing and fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God as a committed “Woman of God.”

Bishop Shirley Ross has a loving, close relationship with the Lord, with a strong discerning Spirit and she truly knows the voice of the Lord.

In this season of her ministry, God is speaking to her loudly with what He wants her to do with the Ministers in preparation for the last day’s harvest.
Bible Ministries School of Establishing for Character Building
Classes held every Thursday 10am – 12pm & 5pm – 7pm
Bible Ministries Fellowship Annex