Bishop Shirley Ross

Reverend Shirley Ann Ross is an ordained commissioned minister. She was ordained and licensed at Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; under the leadership of the late Pastor Benjamin Smith, Sr. Deliverance Evangelistic Church is now directed under the leadership of Pastor Glen Spaulding.

Reverend Ross is the Pastor and Founder of Bible Ministries Fellowship Church, Inc., and the Founder of bible Ministries Fellowship School of establishing character building, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Fruitland, Maryland. The purpose of the Bible Ministries Fellowship is to meet the needs of the Body of Christ.

Reverend Ross is associated with the following ministries:

Directress of Neighborhood Bible Club
Assistant Directress of Dean Ministry
Supervisor of Hospital and Nursing Home Ministry
Team Leader over the Women’s division of the Delaware County Prison
Coordinator of religious activities for Riverview Nursing Home and Cliveden Nursing Home
Coordinator of Street Evangelism
Door-to-Door Outreach with coordinating Street Evangelism for various churches

Reverend Ross heads up many revivals, conferences retreats, shut-ins, and day prayer services. She is the Assistant Director of Christian for Christ Ministry and Directress of “Is There A Word From The Lord,” through Restoration Broadcasting Network.

Reverend Ross ministers in shelters, prisons, women fellowship, prayer breakfast, tent services, funerals and evangelistic thrusts. Her main concern is to see people saved, healed, delivered and set free to function in the Body of Christ, and to see the five-fold ministry function in the will of God for their lives. Whenever there is a need, she would like to be available to meet the need.

Accomplishments are many, which includes:
Graduate of Jamison Bible Institute and School of Theology and College with the following degrees:

  • Theology Diploma
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Masters of Arts Degree
  • Doctor of Divinity Degree
  • Doctrine of Sacred and Main Letters Degree
  • On June 6, 2004, Pastor Shirley A. Ross received her Ph.D.
Reverend Ross also graduated from Deliverance Evangelistic Bible Institute, with the following diplomas and certificates:
  • General Theology Diploma
  • Primary ETTA Certificate
  • Advanced ETTA Certificate for teaching
  • Personal Evangelism Diploma
  • Church Educational Certificate and a Ministerial Diploma

Reverend Ross finds time through the direction of the Lord and the Holy Spirit to minister out-of-town and out of the country for missionary work. She has received several missionary awards for going to India and being a laborer in the Lord’s work, and she is a prayer warrior.

Reverend Ross is the wife to the late Thomas Ross and has three daughters, ten grandchildren, and two great-grand twins.

The Lord has afforded her with spiritual gifts for the Body of Christ.